Tell Me About Your Experiences with God

Abbey Irwin - UM
June 27, 2017

Abbey Irwin

Hello from “The Land of Smiles” (aka Thailand)! We have been in country for two weeks, and time is flying by. Our team is doing well and we have already become fluent in Thai. Ha!!  I wish!!  But hey, we’re learning more and more every day. Our translator for the summer is living with us and while we are learning more Thai, she is learning more English.

So far in our ministry, it has been our prayer to find people that we can clearly communicate with in conversation, and we experienced that this week.

Abbey Irwin with Group

One night, my teammate and I met a girl named Anna* who works at a massage parlor. She is Buddhist, but she was open to conversation and hearing the gospel. She asked, “What kind of Christians are you?” That question came by surprise, but it opened a door for us to explain how beautiful the gospel is. She has heard about Christianity and other religions but she doesn’t know what is true and what isn’t. She then proceeded to say, “Tell me about your experiences with God.” Again, this was a great opportunity for my teammate and me to share how God has worked in our own lives.

After that first night, I decided to go back and see her. I learned more about her, and her family, and the massage parlor agreed to let us come back every Thursday to eat lunch with them and teach some English lessons. I pray that this will lead to a closer relationship with Anna, and I will have the chance to tell her more about a God that is not a statue, but a God who desires a relationship with her.

Prayer requests

  • That we are able to build relationships with Anna and the others at the massage parlor
  • For patience in communicating
  • For distractions to be removed when we are sharing the gospel
  • For boldness from the Holy Spirit when sharing with others

*Name changed