Not To Us, But To Your Name Be the Glory

Kendall Morrow, DSU
June 5, 2017

Kendall Morrow
Kendall Morrow with student

The other day, I was reading and praying for several of my friends that have already left for the summer and for those of us that are preparing to leave soon. As I was praying, the Lord led me to this Psalm: "Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1 (NIV)

This verse jumped off the page at me, even though I have read it so many times before. As I prayed, I struggled in knowing how exactly to pray for everyone who will be serving God in a multitude of ways this summer.  I knew that this would be my prayer not only for myself and the people I'm working with, but for each person that I know is serving the Lord this summer. To God be the glory, from East Asia to Indianola, Mississippi, from Africa to Toronto, from your home to mine and everywhere in between.  Wherever we find ourselves this summer, my prayer is "Not to us, O LORD, but to your name be the glory." My prayer, and I hope yours also, is that we love people in a way this summer that will make the nations know the name of the God we serve, and that we serve in a way that the nations will know our God, whether scrubbing toilets or working a sports camp. I pray that in how we love each other as brothers and sisters, the nations will know our God is a mighty God. I pray that even when we get discouraged or are in the middle of our brokenness that we would praise God, so the nations would know that He is worthy of our praise, and that He is the One True God.

Kendal Morrow on a Bus

As we begin the summer, I invite you to pray with me.  Pray for the people we are going to be with this summer. Pray that God would be preparing their hearts to hear the good news. Pray that whatever seeds that are planted, they would grow deep. Pray that whatever seeds are watered, they would produce a harvest, whether it’s tomorrow or years from now. Above all else, I invite you to pray with me that our hearts all across the world this summer would sing, "Not to us, O LORD, but to your name be the glory!"