From Worcester, With Love

Emily Greer, MC
July 10, 2017

Emily Greer

The past couple of weeks have been so enjoyable and fun.  My teammate and I both really love it here, and we love seeing what God is doing in the heart of Massachusetts.

Emily on a swing

So many opportunities have come up to just love on the kids in the church and hang out with some people our age and get to know their stories and what God is doing in their lives. The past couple weeks have been filled with time spent with youth, college Bible studies, young adult growth groups, play dates at Elm Park, and getting to know some more families in the community and in the church. I cannot believe we have already been here three and a half weeks and only have five left to go. It feels like I just got here. I am home. I don’t think that any other place will measure up to how I feel about New England - Worcester specifically.

Emily Greer with another girl

Some of my favorite moments while being here have been the college Bible studies for New England students in the area. I was able to lead one of the Bible studies and walk through the scripture with the students there. Anything with college students has been something that has taken over my heart and it is so full.  Also, just being able to serve different people has been one of the biggest ways I’ve seen the Lord moving while I’ve been in Worcester…doing whatever it takes for the Gospel to be made known.


I am so thankful and grateful that the Father has placed me here. It has been an incredible journey with conversations and seeing people start to walk in freedom.


Pray for open hearts as we prayer walk on campuses. Pray for a hunger for the Lord from the non-Christians and for more Christians to rise up to lead. And finally, pray that we would be an example for Christ and the Gospel.