And So They Laugh

Katie Tippins, DSU
July 12, 2017

Katie Tippins

There are innumerable amounts of things that we can learn from the African people. The women are strong, and the men work hard. However, I suppose the most notable thing, to me, is their ability to laugh.

They love to laugh.

It does not matter the circumstances - they can always be found laughing. The small children who don't go to school and have next to nothing can still be found throwing their heads back laughing as they run through the dust roads of their small village. The older widows are perhaps my favorite to be around. Some are taking care of little ones while some are trying to simply take care of themselves. These women have the most beautiful smiles and laughs of all.


No matter their circumstances, those who love the Lord, truly laugh at the times to come. They have the most beautiful laugh lines I have ever seen. Their faces are full of wisdom and knowledge, and they radiate the love of the Lord.

We could learn a lesson or two from these marvelous people. In troubled times, they laugh. In happy times, they laugh. In working times, they laugh. They love to laugh, but when they worship their One True King they don't just laugh... they dance.