It's Worth It

Katie Tippins, DSU
July 12, 2017

Katie Tippins

God has shown Himself in so many ways. He has helped us to serve those who desperately need basic things such as food and clothing. Most importantly, He has allowed us to love the most beautiful people that I have ever met. As I spend time with these incredible people, they capture my heart. There was one day where I found myself standing in a village, covered in dust, and surrounded by loving and laughing children. In that moment, I realized that these people, whom I have grown so fond of, have completely stolen my heart. My journal entry from that day reads:

I am covered head to toe in dust and my heart is fuller than it has ever been... We ended up sitting with the children while listening to the lesson that our M supervisor was teaching. We plopped down in the dirt right along with the kids. When I sat down, almost all of the kids cautiously got as close to me as possible. They would just look at me and smile. Most of the kids didn't know any English. But if all I did today was love on them and tell them "UJesu Ugutando" (Jesus loves you)... it's worth it.

Children in a Group

Soon after saying UJesu Ugutando over and over, the more shy kids started coming closer and closer. One little boy started off at a distance but soon was sitting as close to me as possible. He couldn't have been older than four. His need to be loved was so evident. He laid his head on my legs and held my hand up close to his face. No doubt, part of it was because he was amazed by my very white skin, but the other part, I just knew, was because he wanted to feel the love and comfort that I was giving to every child that I could.

If I could just love those kids the way Christ loves me... They deserve that love just as much as I do. My prayer is that they will one day come to know the God who created them and who loves them unconditionally.