The Lost Goat

Hailey Tucker, BMC
July 12, 2017

Hailey Tucker

The dusty, dirty streets of our urban center slipped away this week as we headed out on our four-day village stay. On our way, we stopped to experience an African Safari and ropes course in the Baobab trees. As we headed inland, the temp went up, and we saw a shift in the culture of the people. Heads were covered with musors (scarves), and the business-filled city changed to fruit stalls and homes full of people ready to sit with you for hours and talk.

Group with boat

At the center, there are endless opportunities to share the Gospel with the students we are in contact with every day. Going into the village, however, we were worried that those kinds of conversations would feel forced. How were we supposed to connect with the people here when we lived such different lives? And how could we point them to God?

Hailey with Goat

It wasn't as complicated as we were making it. Our team has learned that people just want to know that you are interested in their lives. And you can use everyday situations to connect to a story in the Bible, which then leads to sharing an overview of the Bible as a whole. While sitting with a family one afternoon, we got to hold a goat that had been born less than a week before. Using that as a base, we shared the story of the lost sheep. Surrounded by three generations of a family, we then got to share Creation to Christ. Sharing the Gospel doesn't have to be complicated.

Prayer Requests:
Pray that our team will continue to find opportunities to share the Gospel with people around us, and that we will be bold enough to do so.