Friends, Hot Pot, and the Final Stretch

Jessica Turman, MSU
July 14, 2017

Jessica Turman
Friends at dinner

The Father has blessed us with some great friends in the past few weeks. A group of our Chinese friends took us to eat Hot Pot! Then we had our friends (one believer and one non-believer) over to our house. We got to go through the full story of the Good News with them. We’ve also gotten to try some local food and browse around the night market here with a few of our local friends.

There are some really cool opportunities coming up this next week, so we will be staying super busy as we hit the final stretch. This week we will be meeting with the youth from a local club to teach them how to share C2C. We will also be hanging out with our friends as much as possible during our last week and a half.

Please continue to lift us up as we finish our time here!