Terima Kasih and Keep On Praying

Anna Smith, NEMCC
July 25, 2017

Anna Smith

Wow! This summer has flown by!  I cannot believe this is my last week here. As I start reflecting on the summer, joy fills my heart, knowing that the Father has truly been working in the lives of the people here in Southeast Asia. My heart also begins to break knowing that in just a few short days I will be leaving the people, and the city that has stolen my heart.

These past couple of weeks I've been hanging out with “P.” She is a “cousin,” but not as strong in her faith as she used to be. The Father has truly been working in her heart. She amazes me every day with the questions that come to her mind. We've been able to share with her multiple times, and it seems like she's grasping on to the truth. I ask that you would lift her up.

We've been teaching an English class at the local women’s prison here all summer. It breaks my heart to hear each of their stories. The other week, we shared a modern parable of the unforgiving debtor, and it opened doors to share what forgiveness means (knowing that each one of them has someone in their life to forgive or who is forgiving them). These women are such a bundle of joy to spend time with every week. A few of them are followers and others are very open to hearing the truth. I ask that you would also keep them on your mind and heart.

Terima Kasih (Thank You) for continually lifting us up throughout the summer.

Until the whole world hears!