The Father at Work

Anna Smith, NEMCC
July 3, 2017

Anna Smith

These past couple of weeks have been amazing. I love seeing the Father working! This was the month of Ramadan, which is a huge fasting period for the people group with whom we work (aka Cousins). During this past month, many times at night we would go out and break the fast with them at sunset. This made a bridge to begin many conversations. Many have been open to the Good News and some are turning away from it. Many are starting to see that we are different.

Anna Smith with Group

This week ended up being Eid al-Fitr, a big holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, where they break from their time of fasting. So many have traveled home for the holiday to spend time with family. A couple of our new friends who are Cousins live here in the city we are in, so we got to attend a few big family dinners with them. The Father has begun breaking my heart for our lost Cousins here, seeing them praying to a god who is nothing like our Father. Knowing that, all the relationships we make here will not mean anything unless they know the Father.

Group at the table

This week, we've been hanging out with students who live here and also helping out at the Freedom House, which is a safe place where women can go. It’s been interesting helping out at the Freedom House.  Many of the women there don't know how to speak English so it’s a lot like a huge game of charades!  At the Freedom House we color with the girls, bake cookies, paint each other’s nails, but mainly we show them the love of Christ. It’s so encouraging seeing how the Father is working with the girls. One of them, “A,” has started asking questions about the Father. It amazes me how she can tell the whole creation story back to us in Bahasa.

Group at the water

I ask that you lift up three people that we have been speaking with, “A,” “K,” and “G,” as we continue to have conversations with them. I also ask you to lift up the followers here, that their hearts would be on fire for the Father. And finally, I ask you to lift up the team of volunteers here.  Most of us girls are a little under the weather with a cold.  And pray for the guys as they headed out yesterday to V-county for a visa trip.

There's so much more I wish I could share, but it'll have to wait. Thanks so much for lifting us up, as I know the Father is working here in this