From the Villages and Desert of Botswana

Mikayla Carruth, MC
July 8, 2017

Mikayla Carruth

Being the midpoint of the summer, we got the opportunity to rest before beginning part two of our ministry here. Turns out, I needed it! I contracted an African bug from unclean food that mimics the flu. After a long 48 hours and dehydration, I was able to get IV fluids and antibiotics. Now, thankfully, I am feeling so much better!

While I was sick, our team had the opportunity to partner with two American families from Virginia. We took a kombi out to the village of Molepolole both days and split into two teams. Half the team evangelized and did house visits with the pastor and translators. The other half helped the local lay members of the church build a playground. It was a great two days of ministry. I was sad to have missed a good portion of it but was very encouraged from the time I did get to serve there.

Soon, our supervisors will be going stateside to have their third child. They have called Botswana home for nine years. They’ve done an incredible job taking care of us, be it hospital trips or inviting us over for a night of dinner and fellowship. They have so much going on and are elbow-deep in wrapping up loose ends before they leave for a couple months. Even still, they have loved us so well! It was great to spend Saturday celebrating them, their oldest child’s birthday, and thanking them for all they have done.

Under a tree

Sunday was also a special day. We woke up very early and took a kombi to the village of Dishgwane, two hours away. We took part in their church service underneath a tree that lasted for about three hours. So much singing, dancing, and reading. It was wonderful! We then got to witness three baptisms and spent the afternoon fellowshipping with them and eating traditional foods.

The past few days were spent camping in the Kalahari Desert. What a way to refuel for the upcoming month of ministry! We spent endless hours on game drives looking for wildlife, hung around the fire because the desert is cold, and celebrated the 4th of July in style. We staked out a watering hole one morning and watched in disbelief as a giraffe drank about 30 feet from us! I have found myself in awe these past couple of days – in awe of the Lord’s creation and the opportunity he has laid before me, and before all of us. It was an incredible experience, but I must admit, I am also thankful to be able to shower and remove the layer of sand from me.


I am so thankful for all that has taken place thus far. While sharing the gospel in a more remote village, two of our teammates approached three men. As they began to share with the guys, one man said he had been praying for “a higher being” to reveal himself and that he had a dream the night before of two white people coming to share good news with him. Our teammates shared and all three prayed to receive Christ!

The Lord is most definitely at work and it is no mistake that we have been called here to serve at this moment in time.