Goodbye, Thailand - Hello, Malaysia

Mary Kate King, BMC
July 8, 2017

Mary Kate King

We rode elephants, because it’s Thailand, and that’s what you do…

Yesterday was our last day of VBS with the kids, and all of the M families have gone back home to their respective fields. This week was tiring, but it was also really fun; it was a joy to get to know so many other people and make new friendships. We had over 100 volunteers from Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas and hundreds of M’s and their families. Please pray for all of the M’s serving in Southeast Asia as they return to the field refreshed and encouraged to impact their communities for the glory of Jesus.

Riding an elephant

Our group of 13 will be leaving Thailand at 3:00 a.m. to begin our travels to Malaysia! This is a beautiful country, and the Thai people are so friendly and hospitable. It's sad to say goodbye. but I know that the Lord has good things in store for the rest of our journey. Once we get to Malaysia, we will hit the ground running to work on longhouse projects. We will be staying in a city and traveling out to some surrounding villages where we will mainly be doing work pouring concrete foundations for those in need of a new house. Please pray for the people we will be meeting, and that we will find persons of peace who will be receptive to the gospel.


It’s been so exciting to spend the summer working with my teammates and to get to know all of them better. We have been so blessed to have this specific team of people, because they are all incredible!