Hope Behind Bars

Tony Corley, MSU
July 8, 2017

Tony Corley

So far, my time spent in the prison has been great! I have started to form relationships with a few of the inmates. I enjoy talking with them and getting to know them even more. It’s amazing how many doors God opens for me to share about Him throughout the week. I have gotten to talk with one inmate who has been struggling with relapsing on drugs. He was having a hard time finding hope and encouragement. Please pray for him as he searches for hope in Christ and leans on God for encouragement. Recently, he has been doing much better with his treatment, so I know that he is going in the right direction. Drugs can be a huge temptation for these guys, so please pray that they do not give in to the temptations around them and will stay strong in their faith.

Tony Corley

I was also able to have a very good conversation with an inmate about the security of salvation. Many of these inmates have questions they wrestle with, and the inmates in confinement have no one to answer them except the chaplains that come around once a week. (That’s us!)  We always have to be prepared to help guide and disciple guys when we make our rounds. I'm thankful that God has placed us there to be able to answer their questions so that they are not led astray by other inmates. The inmates are definitely developing trust in Riley and me. This Wednesday, I was able to teach my Ephesians Bible study again. The inmates are asking really good questions about the passage and who we are in Christ. I am excited to dive into the book even more this week.  I have consistently had a solid group of guys that are excited and desire to learn.

Tony Corley

Today I was able to go into confinement again and hand out reading materials. The inmates were very happy to see us. I always enjoy going to confinement because the inmates desire to talk with us. I am at the point now where the inmates recognize me from previous weeks and will freely ask me questions.

I was able to sit in on a Department Head meeting this past week. It was very interesting to see the administrative side of a prison. Every department has to work closely with the others so that no two departments clash or create problems. You can tell that every person in that meeting wants the compound to be as safe and effective as possible.

FBC Bratt

This past weekend, I preached again, but this time at FBC Bratt. The pastor was out sick, and I was able to fill in for him. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak again. I know that God uses those opportunities to speak through me and give a message from Him and not myself. This upcoming Sunday, I will preach at the prison chapel for their Sunday evening service. I know that God will use me again because there is no limit to His amazing power and ability.

Please pray for the officers on the compound. They have been doing an amazing job keeping the compound safe. Pray that they stay safe and think with level heads. Pray that they turn to God for all the decisions they have to make. Pray that God continues to provide Riley and me with opportunities to share the gospel, and that He continues to soften the hearts of the inmates we talk to. Pray that the inmates desire to learn and remain teachable. Also, pray that Riley and I continue to allow God to teach, mold, and shape our lives.