Mission Centers of Houston Urban Immersion Intern

 Mission Centers Houston

Houston, Texas
Project #TX-02
4 Students
May 29 – July 27

 Mission Centers Houston Bible Study

Students serving at MCH will be immersed in urban ministry, living and working in the 4th largest city in the country. As an intern, you will be challenged to be actively involved in serving and giving your life away every day. You will be trained in sharing your faith, discipling others, and in personal spiritual disciplines. It is our desire to help you grow as a follower of Christ and equip you for mission work long after your time with us is through. Each week, you will have multiple opportunities to teach as you lead clubs for children, preteens and teens, and help with senior adult programs. You will help us distribute food and clothing to those who are in need in our community. There are many other opportunities to help you connect with the people here, such as teaching ESL, home visits, and park activities. You will lead visiting mission groups in prayerwalking and serving in all of our ministries. Each Sunday, you will attend worship and may have leadership opportunities there. You will develop as a leader and as a disciple, and your vision, heart and skills for missions will grow!

 Mission Centers Houston Group