Why Go?

As a student, you might be asking this question.  Or your parents, family members, and friends might be asking why you believe you are being called to leave home and spend a summer or a semester as a missionary.  You know about the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.  But lostness is all around you and all you have to do is step outside your front door to find opportunities to present the Gospel and lead others to Christ.  So, why go? What is God calling you to do?  Does He want you to “go” and share or “stay” and share?

As you consider this question, talk to your BSU Director or church minister, and be sure to talk with former summer missionaries about their experience.  Here are some insights about “going” from students that have served in the past:

Ryan Anderson MSU

Ryan Anderson

"It’s an amazing privilege to be able to see what God is doing in other places around the globe.  Getting out of the Bible Belt for a period will teach you so much about God as you see Him through a different lens."

"You will be more thankful than ever before about your salvation and more broken than ever before when you encounter those who don’t have it.  God will show you that life is about loving people and testifying to the gospel of His grace."
Krissy Stutts USM

Krissy Stutts

Coty Cook BMC

Coty Cook

"It will definitely be hard, but you will never be the same.  It will impact you in ways that simply cannot be put into words. Go and see what God WILL do. But do not go for any reason other than winning souls."

Kendall Morrow DSU

Kendall Morrow

"I'm sure God could have found someone else to send if I hadn't been obedient. God doesn't need me to share the gospel, but I get to. And He chooses to use me!  God’s plan will be accomplished with or without you, but if you are obedient, you won't miss out on the blessings God has for you!"

David Franklin MC

David Franklin

"Why wouldn't you go?   Sometimes we make up a lot of excuses of why not to do missions. But everyone is called to do missions.  The question is: What part in the process do you hold?


Leah Smith WCU

Leah Smith

"So much personal and spiritual growth happens when you’re required to rely on Christ to carry you from one moment to the next.  My perspective on Christ’s heart for the lost and my role in His plan of salvation for them has been indelibly altered."

Robbie Cornelson MGCCC

Robbie Cornelson

"It’s an amazing experience that brings you closer to Christ. It helps you grow. You get to learn and teach what you know. It’s so much fun and you get to see how God provides for His people."