Why Go?

As a student, you might be asking this question.  Or your parents, family members, and friends might be asking why you believe you are being called to leave home and spend a summer or a semester as a missionary.  You know about the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.  But lostness is all around you and all you have to do is step outside your front door to find opportunities to present the Gospel and lead others to Christ.  So, why go? What is God calling you to do?  Does He want you to “go” and share or “stay” and share?

As you consider this question, talk to your BSU Director or church minister, and be sure to talk with former summer missionaries about their experience.  Here are some insights about “going” from students that have served in the past:

Lauren Duty
Why go? The reasons are unlimited.  But the question I find myself asking over and over is, Why not go? We are so abundantly blessed with opportunity to go and share with people who have never heard and may never hear apart from people going. How can they believe without hearing?  What is our excuse?  We can't NOT go!

Nate Sisson
“It is an excellent opportunity and an unforgettable experience.  You learn about others and you learn so much about yourself.  Your worldview will be broadened and a piece of you will be left behind.”

Taylor Thompson
“Absolutely go!  You get to share the gospel where it has never been heard while expanding your worldview and growing in the Lord like never before.”

Connor Edwards
“The Gospel begins with GO.  The Gospel has come to you because it’s on its way to someone else. There is nothing else worth living your life for.  The eternity of billions of souls is on the line.

Emily Earnest
“Through summer missions you learn the vital importance of sharing the Gospel to all people, and it is great training for doing so in your everyday life.”

Daniel Fouche'
“God wants to do a great work in people’s lives, but they first have to hear about Him.”

Caitlyn Cooksey
“If you feel a tug on your heart to serve as a summer missionary, you should pursue that tug and follow wherever the Spirit is leading you, whether it’s to home, another state, or another country.  When we limit ourselves, we limit the ways that the Holy Spirit can use us and grow us.”

As you continue to consider what God may be leading you to do…

  1. Be in prayer and depend on God to lead you through this process.
  2. Be open to every position as a possibility to serve Christ.
  3. Think about your gifts, experiences and desires and see how they fit with the position descriptions, but also be willing to stretch yourself and be open to grow in areas of ministry that may be new to you.
  4. Remember that God is interested in your ability, but He is more interested in your availability.
  5. Remember that many people you know and even some that you do not yet know are praying for you and your decision!