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Participate in the Great Commission, Right Now!

YOU can participate in the Great Commission, right now, in your present circumstances. You don't have to quit your day job or move or wait until you retire. There are many ways that you can get involved right where you are, in your spare time. The purpose of this site is to help you on your journey by providing ideas, resources, encouragement and more. If you're reading this, and you have a concern or doubt... check out my post on that subject.

Pray for the Unreached of the Day

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My Missions Journey (So Far)

Thank God He has given me a passion for the Great Commission! He has shown me there are many ways to participate, right now, in my present circumstances. I don't have to wait until I retire or quit my day job. It's made my life so much more meaningful, and I want to help others experience it. Not only will it be a blessing to those who get involved, but their contribution will move us closer to the goal of Jesus-followers, a church-presence in every people group in the world. 

Years ago, after getting involved in a local Chinese ministry, I got excited about the possibility of moving, with my wife and four young kids, to China to share the Gospel. But to say my wife was not on board is an understatement! Of course, I don't mean that in a critical way. So when my Sunday School teacher invited us over for dinner and asked the question, "Have you been called to mission work in China?"... he was pretty surprised to hear me say no. But my reason was that if God had really called me, he would have called my wife, too. Soon thereafter, I got a new job, moved and fell out of involvement in missions for many years. I began to think that it would have to wait until I retired.

Fast forward to 2023. My kids were much older. My career was going well. But I still had a desire to be a part of mission work. So when my church, The Summit Church of Little Rock, announced we were hosting a Perspectives class about missions, I knew it was for me. Even before the 15-week class was over, I was thinking and praying about how I could become actively involved in spreading the Gospel, especially to UPG’s (Unreached People Groups) around the world. To make a long story short... God showed me many ways. I've chosen a few, and now I hope to be used, by God, to inspire others to participate in the Great Commission, right now.

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