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We Need YOU! EVERYONE on Mission!!!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

For many people, when they think of how to participate in missions, they think Pray, Give, Go. But that leaves out two very important categories of participation... Mobilize and Serve at home or in your local community.


Mobilization is about more than just recruiting and training missionaries to serve abroad. This is the ultimate goal of mobilization:

Every member of the world-wide Church--or as many as possible--so filled with passion for the Great Commission that they feel compelled to regularly participate, through strategically praying, giving, going, mobilizing others and/or serving right where they are.

Because of my experience with Perspectives, I personally believe some form of a small group study on the subject of missions is the best means of accomplishing this goal. Here are links to my blog posts about Perspectives and a small group study:

Would you prayerfully consider leading or facilitating a small group study on missions? If you're not a teacher, think of someone who is, and ask them. If they agree to do it, you could play a supportive role.

Serve at Home or Locally

Nowadays, people are well-aware that there are a ton of opportunities to work remotely via the phone and Internet. I found a volunteer opportunity with Trans-World Radio, TWR using MissionNext, which is similar to LinkedIn, except it connects individuals to ministries. Here's a link to my blog post on MissionNext:

There are so many ways to serve remotely or locally that The Traveling Team published 101 Ways to Impact the World. Here's a link to my blog post on that subject:

Joshua Project also includes a section entitled, "Get involved where I live":

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